Drawing downtown

Tonight my drawing class met downtown Jackson to practice our perspective drawing and draw some buildings, cityscapes or whatever…but only one of my students showed up. We enjoyed drawing. I don’t feel like I did a lot of instruction, but hopefully he will forgive me for that. So this is what I drew: The fountain is in a small park in the center of downtown. I used a white jellyroll glaze pen for the fountain and water. If you have never used these, the ink dries to a slick shine and looks raised a bit. The bad thing about them is they take a while to dry…but using them outside, it dried by the time I was ready to do my watercolor over the top. It worked like a resist. (An idea that someone on my Artist Journals2 group had mentioned about these pens – Thanks!) The second drawing I tried to do more as a contour – no shading with my rapidograph pen. I tried to get in as much of the detail as I could…but I did leave a few things out. I am pretty satisfied with it except that for some reason tonight I could not draw a straight line!

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