Update on Sunflower Painting

(UPDATED PICTURE…8-26-05) Sorry about the really bad scan of my painting. My paper is still stapled to the board…so it’s kind of hard to scan it and I would have taken a picture, but I think my husband has the camera and he is at a staff retreat…so I had to make due with this. I just thought you might like to see what I am doing to my sunflower painting. I decided it just didn’t have enough color…so after the sepia ink…I am using bright colors of colored pencils and I am getting some wonderful color combinations as well as creating a bit of texture for a rather boring painting. I still haven’t totally decided what to do with that background…but I am thinking some Van Goghy swirls and lines would liven it up a bit. What do you think? I also am considering adding more sunflowers over the blue wash I already have…which will be fine, I think, at making them look like they are farther away…and will help fill the space, making it look more like the forest of flowers that towered over me that day. So what do you think? I know I asked before…about what to do about my sunflower painting…but only one person really offered a suggestion. And thanks for that…but I really do value your opinions and if you have one I would so love to hear it. It is so nice to be able to get feedback on my drawings…and since I am really struggling with this I would really appreciate it.
I really want to finish this painting. I have mixed feelings about cutting it apart. It’s a struggle to push myself to keep going. I am so tempted to quit…and toss it into the corner where my unfinished paintings/drawings reside…of which I have about 10 now! (Don’t even ask me how many finished paintings…you don’t want to know.) What do you do to get past this point? Just keep going. Discipline? Is that what it’s about at this point?

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