Blind Contour Friday…a little late

We went out to dinner at Big Boy and had a very enjoyable meal with the kids (rare! – trust me) and then took them to Walgreens across the street and let them each pick out a cheap little prize. We stopped @ Home Depot so sam could pick up this huge bolt that he’s going to do some kind of trick with (he’s been spending too much time on the internet I think!). I tried drawing a Home Depot truck parked out front but I messed it up (I am not showing you that one) so I decided since I couldn’t draw it right anyway, I might as well just do a Blind Contour of it…so I did, but then some guy came & drove it away! Then I drew a cart and on the way home we stopped at Super Liquor and I drew the Newspaper stands (or whatever they are called). So there we go…it’s just a little late! I added the blue in the background in Photoshop…it kind of looks cool with the texture of my journal paper.

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