Blind Contour Friday…A Box of Crayons

I tried to add color to this drawing three times and was never satisfied with where it was going, so here it is in raw form. It was fun trying out the lettering on the box & crayons after being inspired by all of bcf’s other participants last week. I’ve done 3 blind contour friday posts in past weeks, but only ever submitted one…but now I’m a regular. See you here next week, if not sooner.

(Added 9-23-05)
I probably should say that when I finished this and looked at it…it just didn’t look right without shadows. I did look only to locate my pencil back onto the drawing so I could add them in…because I had stopped when I thought I was done. So all those of you who are wondering how I possibly got the shadows in the right place (and not ALL of them are), I guess you could say that I did cheat a little. Sorry.

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