Crazy Weekend

On Friday, Sam left with his mom to travel to Indonesia to visit his sister and her family. They are missionaries there. We haven’t seen them since they stayed with us while they were home on furlough…that was when Karson was born. He just turned two. Things have been crazy since the night before they left. Because of hurricane Rita, his first flight to LA was canceled. It was supposed to stop in Houston. So Sam had to stay up late on Thursday night trying to figure out what to do, after having no luck at finding out if the flight would be rerouted, he decided at about 2:30 in the morning to purchase new tickets for that first part of his trip. The new tickets were for an earlier flight, so they pulled out of here on Friday morning at about 9:30. I had taken the day off work for Karson’s dr. appointment and was so glad to have a chance to catch up on sleep in the afternoon while the boys were napping. Friday night Savannah got sick at a slumber party and had to come home. She layed around all day on Saturday and missed her first soccer game. Sunday Karson was sick. What a weekend. Today it was back to work and everyone is doing much better. Sam made it to Bali where he met his brother in law. They hung out at a resort for a day or so and then flew to their home in Wamena sometime today. He should be there by now…but he hasn’t contacted me yet. Although…he has really just started his day there…as it is about 12 hours ahead of us. I haven’t really had a chance to do much drawing, or blogging…but tonight I did spend a little time working on some ATCs. It was fun, but took a while. This is for a “Vintage Circus” swap. It is taken from an original sideshow banner painted in the 1970s by Snapp Wyatt.

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