EDM Challenge #46 – Draw Something Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law and I planned to bake Christmas cookies with our kids today. Originally, the plan was to have us go there for the day…but at the last minute we switched it to my house. Last night we had Christmas with Sam’s mom and his sister’s family and didn’t get home till around 9:30. This morning I got up and cleaned, put away laundry and tried to get ready for everyone to spend the day at our house. Sam’s Aunt and cousins came along too, so we had 5 extra adults and 3 extra kids hanging out here for most of the afternoon and evening. It was so much fun though. The kids got along great and we had fun making the cookies. Around 5:00, we fed the kids and I decided I had better make dinner for all the adults, which I hadn’t planned on. So, I just threw some rice in the rice cooker, cooked up some chicken in the Turbo cooker and we ate the rest of the corn that the kids had not eaten with their raviolis. It was totally last minute…but I didn’t stress about it, and I didn’t even really feel like I was under pressure, or that I was in the kitchen all the time. I had a wonderful time talking with everyone and I felt like it went very well. It was about 9:00 when everyone left, then I decided to draw one of the Christmas cookies. Savannah and CC cut out and decorated most of them. They were really hilarious. I loved the way they turned out.
The past few days, Sam and I have been trying to learn our new dig. camera. It is a Canon Digital Rebel XT. So we have been snapping pics of everything. It’s fun…and so nice to have a DIGITAL SLR camera where you can scrap a picture or play around with different settings till you get it right…without having to pay for the film! Here are a few of our experiments:

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