EDM Challenge #48 – Draw Your New Year’s Goal

I mentioned I was working on some art goals for 2006…Here they are:

1. Draw in my journal everyday
2. Write in my journal everyday
3. Redo my website/blog
4. Make more books – maybe to sell
5. Create an altered book – or maybe redo my Italy Journal as an Altered Book Journal
6. Spend more time creating
7. Spend less time on the computer
8. Get a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook and fill it with paintings
9. Keep a travel journal of our entire trip (4 days) to Florida
10. Learn how to use my new camera better
11. Do 2 larger works of art that could be entered into shows
12. Enter work into 1 show
13. Regularly get together with artist friends to feed my creative spirit
14. Catch up on scrapbooking
15. Paint Sam’s sideshow banners

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