Response to Marian

Marian asked me to comment more about Waterhouse’s work and about altering his artwork…
Actually, I had never even heard of Waterhouse prior to signing up for this swap and I know very little about him as an artist. I signed up for the Artist Trading Card swap because he is a painter and after I looked at some of his work on the internet, I thought it might be a fun swap so I joined in. I am not in the habit of altering other artists’ work and trying to pass it off as my own, in case anyone was wondering. The intentions here are purely to have fun and be creative…which I think I accomplished. I did not come up with the theme for this swap, but I know the person who did, and she chose Waterhouse’s work because she loves his paintings, and she wanted to see what other people would do with them. If you want to know more about artist trading cards, check this link. I hope that answers Marian’s and anyone elses questions.

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