Teacher Inservice Notes

Today, it was back to work at 8:00 am to sit and listen to some ladies from the ISD talk to us about 6 traits writing. I really love writing. It was one of my favorite subjects to teach when I taught 4th/5th grade several years ago. But now that I teach art, its not really something I am going to be able to use. So it was a long day, and sometimes seemed like such a waste of time. The ladies who presented were actually pretty good with the material. They did a lot of interactive stuff with us, and heck, we even got to play with play-dough for one of the activities, so I really can’t complain too much. Right before lunch, I started getting kind of tired, so to keep myself alert, I drew the Tradewinds tea bottle that belonged to the teacher sitting across from me. Didn’t feel comfortable pulling out my journal though, as I was sitting pretty close to the presenter, so I drew on my handout, hoping I wouldn’t be noticed too much.

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