Blind Contour Friday #23 – 3-eyed man

Sam got this sideshow gaff from a guy a while back…I think he traded him some Brill plans or something. Anyway, it sits in his office, just inside the back door, to welcome all of our guests. I know it’s weird, and I am surprised our kids are not totally freaked out by it. I was looking for something unusual to draw, and this is what I came up with. His name is Jules and you can read his story here. You’ll have to scroll down a little, it’s after the 2 headed baby and the siamese fetus skull. I did this drawing in one of the journals Sam brought back from Indonesia. The first is a blind contour…but since it is such a wierd object, I decided I had better sketch it too, so you could see that I wasn’t just forgetting that I had already drawn an eye socket when you see three.

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