Tiny Still-Life

On Wednesday nights I take my kids to church and I get a little time to relax and hang out with a few of my artist friends. It’s a small group, but we get together and talk about art, God, and what the Bible has to say that relates to artists, or things we deal with as artists. We also use this time to work on art…whatever we want. This is our second year meeting together. Things kind of died off in the fall, but we began a new year with some goals and a few new members and I look forward to it much more because now it seems there is some purpose to us getting together…and dare I say, a little more commitment to the group from all of us. The last three weeks, we have set up little still-lifes to work on while we talk and discuss. Some of us paint, I usually draw…I can’t stay later and work like they can because I have to get my kids. Anyway, Julia brought these things which belonged to her grandma. It is a little tin…it had “colgate” stamped on it but her grandma kept her loose powder in it, a pearl necklace, a beautiful greenish brooch and a handkerchief with pink flowers. I was really frustrated as I began drawing. I pulled out my 02 micron to use because of the fantastic details, but soon discovered it was almost completely worn down and it was very difficult to get a solid line. But I didn’t have anything else to use, so I pushed on…and then began to love the way the pen was making my drawing look. I think the line almost looks kind of old, like the subject and it created kind of a neat look. Anyway, I would have loved to add color, but barely finished drawing before it was time to go, so you’ll have to imagine it.

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