I’m Famous – sort of.

I recently was interviewed for a local magazine. Here is the PDFof the article if you care to read it. And since it mentioned ATCs (I didn’t realize that was the angle they were going for) I decided to post some of my most recent ATCs. The first set is for a Sideshow Freaks swap with one of the ATC groups I belong to. I used photocopies from some of Sam’s Sideshow books and altered them and added the banner title and the little circle in the corner (Alive) which were drawn by me. The second set is for a Mother Earth swap. These are actually cut from a larger painting. I drew the leaves, stones, dragon fly with pencil. Traced over it with black glue and let it dry. Then I used liquid watercolor to paint it. It is Sargent liquid watercolor and I love it because of the strong pigment. We use it at school…actually this is a project I did with my 5th graders, and the painting was my example. I thought it made some nice ATCs though, what do you think?

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