I Have a Headache

Today, after being awake for about the first hour, I could tell it was going to be one heck of a long day with the kids! They ALL woke up grumpy and complaining. I was settling one argument as another one was just starting. I poured Max’s milk into a cup, because he wanted to pour his milk on his cereal himself and he threw himself down on the floor screaming because I misunderstood that he really wanted to pour it from the gallon container of milk! Karson was screaming for me to wipe his nose every 5 minutes and Savannah was constantly complaining about the boys being too close or in her way of the TV or something. I woke up with a headache today and it hasn’t gone away. As soon as I got done drawing this I was taking my second dose of pain reliever…now that the kids are in bed. Actually, the whole day wasn’t terrible…just the first couple of hours. After my drawing lesson with Jodie, I took the kids to Walmart to get some groceries. And I have to give them credit, because they were all great in the store, which is not typical…especially when they hadn’t had lunch yet. We came home, ate lunch, baked some cookies and the boys took their naps. I layed on the couch after cleaning up the kitchen and fell asleep to the Strawberry Shortcake DVD Savannah was watching. Tonight my friend Micki came over with her daughter and we had pizza and Micki cut the boys’ hair. They so needed it and it looks so much better, although Karson wasn’t so easy to persuade to sit still. The peppermint in the drawing is the candy that Max and him didn’t want from the assortment that Micki had brought along. The Ring Pop was another bribe, which he didn’t finish. The heart ring I think was from Savannah’s Valentine’s Party at school. The 1/2 dollar would be from when Savannah and Grace ripped one of her dollars in half playing around. They spent most of the night trying to get Savannah’s tooth out. It is really close to coming out…but they didn’t quite get it.

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