Jellybean ATCs

I recently made these jellybean ATCs for a Candy swap that I participated in.

Someone asked me to explain what ATCs are…so here goes:
ATCs are Artist Trading Cards. They are mini works of art 2.5″ x 3.5″ created in all different styles with a variety of subjects. People generally trade their cards with other artists through meet ups or online groups. I belong to ATC_world (Yahoo!) and Paper Traders. I join swaps in those groups as well as host my own. A swap is where one person will choose a theme and number of cards to make, then you make them, send them to that person, and they send you cards back from other artists that have participated in the same swap. I have been trading since Summer 2005 and I have over 100 cards from other artists all over the world in my collection. The only rules about ATCs are the size and that they can only be traded, not sold. Other than that, pretty much anything goes as far as how you make them. I have mostly collaged cards in my collection, but I love the hand drawn/painted ATCs that find their way to me. I also have a few digital ATCs as well. My favorite ones are the ATCs that contain elements that are unique, like hidden pockets or messages. One I received is actually a book. I have a few fabric/beaded ones, too, and I love those! I love making ATCs because they are small. You can try stuff out and if it doesn’t work, it’s small, so you don’t mind scrapping it or reusing it for another ATC. Sometimes I cut up old artwork and turn them into ATCs adding embellishments. They are also fairly quick to make, although I have been known to spend up to 3 hours on one ATC! I also love getting the mail…who doesn’t love that? I mean email is great too, but there is something about holding an envelope from another person, friend or stranger, that has made its way to you, and then opening it and finding such wonderful surprises inside. Getting my returns from a swap is always a fun thing to look forward to. You just never know what you’ll end up with, and I am rarely disappointed with what I get back. There is some awesome talent out there! There is one website that I know of that really thoroughly explains ATCs and how they can be made with awesome examples. Check it out. Hope this helps anyone who was wondering. And if anyone ever wants to trade ATCs with me, let me know.

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