Max is now FOUR!

If you are here, you know it’s been a while. I don’t really have a good reason, except that I was taking a break. School ended June 9…and since then, I have been getting used to my summer life. Being with my kids 24/7. It’s a huge change for all of us. I love my kids to death, and I so look forward to the summers, but when it gets here, it’s a big adjustment for us all. And if you know anything about me, I am not a huge multi-tasker. I do much better when I can devote all my efforts to one thing. I like to focus on that thing and I can get it done, efficiently and well…and then I move to the next thing.
the past two weeks, I have just been focusing on my kids and cleaning and stuff. So, that’s all the excuses I have for going so long before I posted anything. I have been journaling some and I have a few things to post today and some for later.
First, last weekend was Max’s fourth birthday! I can hardly believe he is already four! He is growing up so much. Every birthday, we make up a little thank you from the kids to pass out at their party…Here is a link to Max’s. Click on the picture and it will pop up in a new window. I made this with the MAC program Comic Life…it’s awesome. If you have a MAC you have so got to try it! Today, Max had his physical and he is a very healthy four year old. To my surprise he completed an eye exam (with pictures). I just had no idea he would be able to do that. We accomplished peeing in a cup – another thing I had never tried with him and he could do everything on the chart that a four year old should be able to do except count to 10 (he counts consecutively to 5 and then mixes everything up…but he does it with his fingers!) and he doesn’t quite have his address correct – but it’s close! Needless to say, I was quite impressed with my little man…and I am very proud of him. His lastest accomplishment is learning how to answer the phone. Jasmin (our nanny) worked with him on this, and it is just so cute. If you can’t quite understand it, thanks to our crappy audio from Sam’s cell phone…here is the translation:
“Hello, this is Durochers, Max speaking.”

More to come soon! Please come back, I promise it won’t be another 20 days!

Blind Contour First Friday June – My Favorite

My favorite place in the world is Italy…I took a cross cultural trip to Europe when I was in college in 1992. It was a 3 week trip. We visited Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Venice, Rome, Assisi, Florence and Paris. Assisi was my favorite place. It was a quiet little town on a mountain, very charming. We had a lot of fun there. If I ever get to go back, I want to go there again. This was one of the churches in Assisi that I did my drawing of from a photo. Remember it was a Blind contour drawing…although, I did have to stop, and then start again, because Max woke up screaming because he was afraid of the Attic Fan. So I had to look at my drawing to find my place again.