Fall Already!?

Some pictures I took today of one of my school buildings.
first picture…installing windows in the hallway of the south wing
second picture…new student bathrooms, tile! and automatic flushing toilets – we have hi-tech bathrooms but still don’t have email at our school – NICE!
third picture…this is the new entrance to our building (Memorial) they were still working on it today.

Things are going nothing like usual this week in preparation for school starting next week. Today I went to one of my buildings (I teach at two) to set up my room, do my bulletin boards & organize stuff. I set up the room & put up my bulletin boards, but that was all I could do. I then find out that our orders are not even being shipped until next monday! That’s crazy! It’s because of our construction this summer and they couldn’t have stuff being delivered with nowhere to put it…but starting the year without our supplies is going to be interesting, especially for the classroom teachers! I have some paper left from last year so I think I will have enough to get me through a couple of weeks, plus I could be creative if I had to! (LOL)
I then went to my other building to do the same thing, only I wasn’t allowed to because the construction crew is still working and we can’t be in their way! I did take a few pictures. Remember…there is only 5 days until school starts, one of those is a holiday and one is Saturday…I don’t know, we are going to be cutting it close I think!
So when I couldn’t work there, I decided to spend some time shopping before I had to to be home. As I was driving through a parking lot, I was shocked to see these beautiful colors right in front of me in a place I least expected it…plus…just seeing these colors of fall already was a shock in itself, but I was so inspired and amazed. I wonder how many other people have noticed these trees/bushes tucked away behind the Westwood mall next to the train tracks. I wonder how many people have totally overlooked them because they were too busy to notice. I just had to share this photo with you…and later on my walk with the kids tonight after dinner I picked up a few leaves that were changing colors and had already fallen to the ground. I hope to be able to draw them, but right now they are hiding out in a nature press.

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