My 2007 Goals

I’ve been putting this entry off…I think because I am afraid to commit to these goals and then not be able to achieve them. I usually come up with some sort of list of resolutions at the beginning of each year, but I am stating these as goals…something to work towards. Things I want to do to make my life better. So these are what I came up with. I actually started this page over a week ago, Sunday in church, I drew the spotlights that I could see from my seat in the balcony and then thought it kind of fit in with what I wanted to journal on that page, so they kind of work together. I added in my goals this morning…we had a snow day today. 25,000 residents of Jackson are without power still today. All the hotels for miles around are booked solid and all the generators and kerosene heaters are gone from Home Depot, Lowes, Menards…I feel very lucky that we did not lose power. We’ve been staying nice and warm at home. Monday we had a bit of an ice storm and the roads were still very slick last night when I made a late night trip to Meijers. I almost slid through a stop sign. That had my heart beating fast, I’ll tell ya! Well, yesterday was the first day I missed exercising. Cyndi has come down with strep throat and doesn’t feel well enough to join me…so I am on my own for a couple of days. I have lost my first 5 pounds, although this week I don’t seem to be making any progress! Oh well, I’ve heard that I shouldn’t be discouraged if it comes off slow. I feel so good about myself that I am being somewhat successful at this. I know it will be worth it. Well tomorrow Savannah will be 7! It doesn’t seem possible that we have had her for 7 years! We have a busy day tomorrow though with church and everything, so we won’t celebrate too much tomorrow. Friday, Savannah is having her first sleep over and has 5 little friends coming over. On Saturday night, we will have our family party for her. She has to wait to open presents from us until then. So I am going to go an buy her an outfit for her to wear tomorrow so she has something special for her birthday…that and we have to get stuff for making her cupcakes. I hope we get to go back to school tomorrow. If we have it off, I think I will take her somewhere special or something. We’ll see.

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