Organizing my Studio

This weekend I got on a cleaning kick. Saturday morning, I spent most of the morning in my studio, cleaning, organizing and sorting. I got rid of two huge piles that had been sitting for over a year. I kept adding to it, but never took the time to sort the papers. I got rid of two tubs of misc. stuff that were sitting under one of my workstations. Some of that stuff didn’t even go in my room. Anyway, I feel much better about working in my room. And it is nice to have some space cleared on my desk top to actually be able to make stuff. My problem is I just never put it away or make places for things. My sister has helped me with knowing how to organize stuff and I think that helps me a lot when I attempt to organize and clean out a space. But I think I don’t do it often because it seems so overwhelming to get started…after I do, I actually really enjoy it, though.
On Friday, me, Cyndi and a college friend of ours who just moved back to Jackson from Texas, went to a crop. It was nice to get away with the girls and to get some work done on my scrapbooks. Actually I only got 5 pages done in Karson’s. I am focusing on getting Karson’s book caught up, then Max, then Savannah. I only have to do Savannah’s to Kindergarten. Savannah got a scrapbook kit from her grandma for her birthday and is interested in starting to do her own album. So I am basically going to let her start at kindergarten and scrapbook on her own. I will get her started and help her out learning how to do stuff, but I want her to do her own…and she is very excited about it. I think we are going to set aside Sunday afternoons to do scrapbooking together. I talked to my sis about it, and she said Alyssa really wants to do scrapbooking too, so maybe its something we can get together and do.
This picture posted above is a sketch (actually maybe a little more than a sketch) for an idea for some ATCs I am going to do. I found this really cool ceramic piece that was done like this…only in a circle, and took the idea from that. I colored this with 9 different color sharpies and a black Gellyroll glaze pen.

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