Another Snow Day

Only this time…we really did get snow. I’d say anywhere from 6-8 inches probably. I was glad we didn’t have school today. I found out about 11:30 last night. So that meant I didn’t have to stay up to get my stuff ready for a meeting I was supposed to conduct on Wed. morning. I am heading up the committee for planning for Reading Month in March at one of our schools. I am only at each school part of the day every day, so I don’t usually head stuff up…I help out once in a while, at one school or the other. But I really enjoy the whole reading month and theme thing. This year we are doing pirates and I think that is a really fun theme, so I am looking forward to it, I just didn’t have everything together that I needed to. Now I won’t have to do it till Friday or possibly next week. Anyway, I spent some time today doing laundry. Oh and after the kids got up and had breakfast I went back to sleep for a little while (can I just say that I love that my kids are finally to that age where I feel like I can do that!?) So then we sorted and bagged a bunch of Sam’s sideshow buttons. He is selling them on Sideshow World so we were getting them ready to go out for him. Then the kids wanted to paint. Grandma sent little foam model airplanes for the boys and a paint by number for Savannah. So I had to supervise that. Savannah gave up on the paint by number after a while though. It was a small (5×7) canvas and it was hard for her to paint such tiny spaces…so I ended up finishing it for her. Then we went to Cyndi’s for lunch. When we got home we got dressed for playing in the snow and we all went outside and the kids played in the snow while I shoveled the sidewalk and front steps. After a while, Max and Savannah had come up with me, I started wondering where Karson was…so I went to the back and started to call him…no answer…I started to get just a little panicked when I glanced in the garage and saw his face looking out the back window of my car. I opened the door and asked him what he was doing in there and he exclaimed, “Mom. I’m freezin!” Only Karson would climb in the car so he wouldn’t have to be in the cold snow! Too funny. I had a good laugh about that. So then we went inside, made hot chocolate and took naps. Savannah had a basketball game tonight before church, so we went to that and then had dinner at like 7:30. It was a fun day, any day is a fun day when you don’t have to work, right?

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