June 29

Ok…today was not as fun! We did get the bills done and mailed though. And I found the post office in town, which I was glad about. So that’s all taken care of. We tried after lunch to find a place with wireless where I could take the kids. But didn’t have much luck. I think I will have to look out by 31 and 96…I am probably more likely to find places that have wireless there…or maybe we will just go to the library…but I worry about my kids being loud or obnoxious in a place like that.

I worked the show for a couple of hours this afternoon for Sam…but he was getting so tired of the boys complaining and not wanting to go to sleep for a nap, that he ended up just telling us to leave. So we did. We came back to the campground, had dinner, played, took showers and watched part of Mary Poppins. The boys were still unruly. I don’t know why they are so defiant and disrespectful to us sometimes. They think we should just give them everything. It’s really difficult when we are at a place like this, because there are so many things everywhere that they want. But they need to understand that we are not at the fair for them, and I think they don’t get that. Also, they want to eat all the time. It feels like all they ever do is ask for food. I give them their meals, and they don’t want to eat half of what I give them, then like a half hour after they leave the meal, they are asking for snacks. I don’t get it. What did I do to make my kids think they can just have whatever they want whenever they want!? And if I say no or not now, they usually whine and cry and throw a fit. Savannah even gets an attitude once in a while. It’s so frustrating. She commented today that it was not a fun day because she didn’t get to do anything. We drove to find the beach earlier and I think she may have really been looking forward to it, and was sad that we didn’t stop…but it seriously was chilly down there. Only 69 degrees today anyway, and definitely colder near the water. She looked sad when we drove away…so I know she was looking forward to it. But I told her we’d come back…when it was a little warmer. Anyway…I feel bad that Sam has to spend so many hours at the fair by himself. It’s tiring sitting there all day. I wish I could help him out more. But it seems like he’d rather do that then to be with the kids. So I guess being with the kids is helping out…and it’s fun sometimes…just not today. I just hope their attitudes get better. Maybe they just need an adjustment period. Tomorrow there is a comedy act that we are going to see, so that should be fun to do.

June 28

Our first fair started this past weekend. I have been keeping a log for each day of what we are doing, however I don’t always have a place I can connect to the internet. My mom and dad came up as part of their vacation. They are spending a couple of days here and so tonight we came over to go swimming at their pool. Perfect opportunity for me to connect. I just uploaded a bunch of my responses to my reading for my online class that I am taking, so I thought I would update this blog. I have pictures but haven’t put them on my computer yet, so maybe I can do that later and upload pics next time.

June 28th

Muskegon Summer Celebration

Today we woke up kind of early. I couldn’t sleep any longer and wanted to check the refrigerator…because last night when we went to sleep, it still wasn’t hardly even cold…so I wanted to see if having the battery charger connected all night kept it running enough to get cold, and it was. That was about 7:30 and Karson was awake, so I had Max go get in bed with Dad and I tore down their bed and set the table back up and fed them all breakfast, because they were all awake by like 8:00 I think. The kids played outside, I cleaned up the camper and then went and took a shower. Sam woke up around 9:00 and then we got ready to go. We stopped at Walmart on the way to buy a few snacks and some car wash stuff…oh yeah, and some wipes…because the kids get so dirty around here with all the sand…I just have the hardest time keeping them clean. We spent the afternoon getting the inside ready, cleaning and filling the tank, working on the vending machine…and gee, I really don’t know what else we did…but it took the whole afternoon. We opened around 5…call was 5:30. Every other day it will be Noon though. We didn’t get a chance to wash the truck. It doesn’t look that bad. The worst is the panel that lays down on the top of the truck. It was filthy and you can kind of tell it looks a little different than the rest, like the colors aren’t as bright. So anyway, we will be washing it tomorrow morning and that means we have to get out of here a little quicker. Sam mentioned something about breakfast on the way, so we will see. I am sure the kids will still want breakfast when they wake up, and not when we want to eat!

The kids were really excited today because Sam went to the pet store to get some stuff to put in the water and they also found some stuff for Hermie. (Hermie is our pet hermit crab who came along with us) We brought him along with us, so nothing would happen to him. They got him 2 new shells, some chew toys (or clawing or something) and some new food. We may have to go back and get some new rocks for his cage too, because I was noticing it was looking kind of dirty…it’s been a while since we cleaned it out. Anyway, the kids were very excited about giving him his new stuff…and by the time we got back home (to the camper), they had all decided who was giving him what. Too funny. He has been really active since it’s been so warm. I think after summer, we may get him a light or heated stone or something. I think he stays in his shell all the time because he doesn’t like it cold.

So the kids did really well tonight. That makes me happy and so much less stressed. I had them take showers, we had a snack, watched a movie, brushed teeth and went to the bathroom and then they willingly climbed into bed. I think they were really tired…and now they are sleeping! (10:16) Of course none of them really had naps, just sleeping in the car for short rides back and forth. They are whipped.

Well, it’s getting late and I hope to make some progress on my class tonight…and maybe tomorrow I can get somewhere to find a wireless connection. I can upload this to my blog and get on the discussion boards for my class and respond to some of the questions. I copied them into a file and then I just respond in that, and then when I connect, I can be faster, just copy and paste and upload my responses. Hopefully it will be that easy.

It’s a Girl!

No…she isn’t here yet! Today was my ultrasound. I took the whole family along with me. It was fun. The kids were really excited to see the baby. We decided to find out what it is because I really wanted to know. The technician asked Karson what the baby was, he said “a girl,” and she said every time she asks the youngest siblings, they are always right…Well, I didn’t get the hint, until she said it about a third time! I am really excited. I really wanted the baby to be a girl. So did Savannah. Now we just need to think of a cool name. Sam has a couple he really likes, but I don’t really care for, and it’s hard to pick out cool names. Names that come up are either too common or there is someone we know with that name. Well, we have four months left to decide, so I guess there is no hurry. With the other three, we always had their names picked out early though, so it would be weird to wait, ya know?
Today was my last day of work. Tomorrow I have to go in and finish cleaning my room and I have a half-done mural that I may work on for the rest of the day. I want to finish it before school starts in the fall, but I’d like to get some more done before the summer begins.
Thursday, I am not going to work at all, and Friday is field day for Savannah and her last day…and I have a birthday party to plan for Saturday, because Sunday is Max’s birthday.
Anyway, it’s nice to be free!

Our New Camper

I don’t really know why it has been so hard for me to get on my computer and keep you all posted on my blog. So many other things seem to demand my attention lately. So I will try to update you a little on my life…hmm. Ok, I will start with telling you that we recently bought a camper…our first. It’s used, a ’95 Prowler, but in great condition for a great price. We will take it with us when we go out with the carnival again this summer with our octopus show . We are planning to go to at least 4 fairs this summer around Michigan. We are very excited about having our own camper to stay in while we are there. The other night we all slept in it, it’s parked in our driveway right now. We had turned the air on, and it was so nice, since it has been so hot lately. And we haven’t turned the air on in our house, so we go out there to cool down once in a while.
Other family news…Max graduated from preschool, and can’t wait to start Kindergarten. He talks about it all the time. Oh, and he recently lost his first tooth. Max will be five in 14 days!
Savannah recently memorized all the books of the bible and is super excited to get to go with one of her teachers to Frosty Boy on Tuesday as a reward. She just got her hair cut short and it looks really cute. She finished out her soccer season yesterday and received a really cool medal that she is so proud of.
Karson, he is just his cute little self, fascinated this week with a talking Buzz Lightyear doll that our neighbor gave him yesterday. He made me write Andy’s name on the foot, and he carries it with him everywhere.
I am 18 weeks pregnant this week. Hopefully I will be able to schedule an ultrasound at my next appointment on Thursday. I think we will find out whether it’s a boy or girl…we found out for the other three, and we had thought about making it a surprise, but I really want to know. I am just starting to wear maternity clothes and I’ll tell you it is just not as exciting as the first three. I mean, I just feel so huge already…and I don’t feel like I should be wearing maternity clothes yet. When I was pregnant with Savannah, I was wearing them when I was 3 months! Way before I needed to.
Our last day of school is this Friday…then we have to go back on Monday and Tuesday for PD days. Savannah doesn’t get out till the 15th though! I have one more school’s orders to do, and all the art show stuff to pass back, then two rooms to clean a mural to finish and I am done! I am hoping to teach some art classes out of my home this summer. I actually have the flier made up, but haven’t passed it out yet, so I don’t know how full I will get my classes. I hope that Sam can get it printed for me tonight, so I can pass them out this week, they are supposed to start on the 18th! Nothing like waiting till the last minute right?