Our New Camper

I don’t really know why it has been so hard for me to get on my computer and keep you all posted on my blog. So many other things seem to demand my attention lately. So I will try to update you a little on my life…hmm. Ok, I will start with telling you that we recently bought a camper…our first. It’s used, a ’95 Prowler, but in great condition for a great price. We will take it with us when we go out with the carnival again this summer with our octopus show . We are planning to go to at least 4 fairs this summer around Michigan. We are very excited about having our own camper to stay in while we are there. The other night we all slept in it, it’s parked in our driveway right now. We had turned the air on, and it was so nice, since it has been so hot lately. And we haven’t turned the air on in our house, so we go out there to cool down once in a while.
Other family news…Max graduated from preschool, and can’t wait to start Kindergarten. He talks about it all the time. Oh, and he recently lost his first tooth. Max will be five in 14 days!
Savannah recently memorized all the books of the bible and is super excited to get to go with one of her teachers to Frosty Boy on Tuesday as a reward. She just got her hair cut short and it looks really cute. She finished out her soccer season yesterday and received a really cool medal that she is so proud of.
Karson, he is just his cute little self, fascinated this week with a talking Buzz Lightyear doll that our neighbor gave him yesterday. He made me write Andy’s name on the foot, and he carries it with him everywhere.
I am 18 weeks pregnant this week. Hopefully I will be able to schedule an ultrasound at my next appointment on Thursday. I think we will find out whether it’s a boy or girl…we found out for the other three, and we had thought about making it a surprise, but I really want to know. I am just starting to wear maternity clothes and I’ll tell you it is just not as exciting as the first three. I mean, I just feel so huge already…and I don’t feel like I should be wearing maternity clothes yet. When I was pregnant with Savannah, I was wearing them when I was 3 months! Way before I needed to.
Our last day of school is this Friday…then we have to go back on Monday and Tuesday for PD days. Savannah doesn’t get out till the 15th though! I have one more school’s orders to do, and all the art show stuff to pass back, then two rooms to clean a mural to finish and I am done! I am hoping to teach some art classes out of my home this summer. I actually have the flier made up, but haven’t passed it out yet, so I don’t know how full I will get my classes. I hope that Sam can get it printed for me tonight, so I can pass them out this week, they are supposed to start on the 18th! Nothing like waiting till the last minute right?

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