June 29

Ok…today was not as fun! We did get the bills done and mailed though. And I found the post office in town, which I was glad about. So that’s all taken care of. We tried after lunch to find a place with wireless where I could take the kids. But didn’t have much luck. I think I will have to look out by 31 and 96…I am probably more likely to find places that have wireless there…or maybe we will just go to the library…but I worry about my kids being loud or obnoxious in a place like that.

I worked the show for a couple of hours this afternoon for Sam…but he was getting so tired of the boys complaining and not wanting to go to sleep for a nap, that he ended up just telling us to leave. So we did. We came back to the campground, had dinner, played, took showers and watched part of Mary Poppins. The boys were still unruly. I don’t know why they are so defiant and disrespectful to us sometimes. They think we should just give them everything. It’s really difficult when we are at a place like this, because there are so many things everywhere that they want. But they need to understand that we are not at the fair for them, and I think they don’t get that. Also, they want to eat all the time. It feels like all they ever do is ask for food. I give them their meals, and they don’t want to eat half of what I give them, then like a half hour after they leave the meal, they are asking for snacks. I don’t get it. What did I do to make my kids think they can just have whatever they want whenever they want!? And if I say no or not now, they usually whine and cry and throw a fit. Savannah even gets an attitude once in a while. It’s so frustrating. She commented today that it was not a fun day because she didn’t get to do anything. We drove to find the beach earlier and I think she may have really been looking forward to it, and was sad that we didn’t stop…but it seriously was chilly down there. Only 69 degrees today anyway, and definitely colder near the water. She looked sad when we drove away…so I know she was looking forward to it. But I told her we’d come back…when it was a little warmer. Anyway…I feel bad that Sam has to spend so many hours at the fair by himself. It’s tiring sitting there all day. I wish I could help him out more. But it seems like he’d rather do that then to be with the kids. So I guess being with the kids is helping out…and it’s fun sometimes…just not today. I just hope their attitudes get better. Maybe they just need an adjustment period. Tomorrow there is a comedy act that we are going to see, so that should be fun to do.

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