My Journal page for today

The drawings I did here are not so great. I used one of Savannah’s school pencils.

In case you can’t read what I wrote…here’s what it says:

Last night I decorated the tree with the kids. I spend a good part of the weekend just putting the lights on and trying to keep it standing up straight! Once that was done and the garland was strung – hanging the ornaments was a breeze. Max and Savannah hung most of them. It’s always fun to unwrap each ornament and remember where it came from, whose it is, and why we like it. Each year our family goes ornament shopping – usually on the same night that we go see the light display at the fairgrounds. We usually get our ornaments from Target, but not always. When we first got married, Art and Penny gave us a collection of vintage ornaments. (Art picked up from a sale) We had some really unique space bulbs that were quite large. We loved those, but most have broken because we were careless with our packing. (We still have all kinds of others – my favorite are the Shiny Brites!) I didn’t really care for the old ornaments at first. They had no sentimental value to me…but now – after hanging on our Christmas tree for 14 Christmases – I value them for their uniqueness and because we have had them the longest. When our kids leave home some day, I hope to be able to give them their own collections of all the ornaments they have chosen (or those we have bought for them) and made since their first Christmas.

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