My journal

OK. Here is proof that I am actually still drawing. Yesterday, I was sitting in the lounge waiting to go to my room. Another teacher uses it until 1:10 and then I can get in there for my classes. There was a vase of purple flowers in the center of the table, and even though they were starting to wilt a bit, I decided to draw them. Part of the drawing I did without looking at my paper…but then when I had finished, I went back in and outlined and darkened some areas with my pen. The page before shows the chandelier that was in our room when we stayed at the Essenhaus Inn in Middlebury, Indiana with my parents over spring break.

What’s new…

I just looked at my blog…and I cannot believe it’s been a month since I posted! Sorry guys. Time is flying by. Here’s what’s been happening:

We sold our Octopus Show. We are kind of sad, but we need to let it go. They guy that bought it is a ride super for a carnival in Indiana so we can go visit Oswald sometime this summer.

We are looking hard for a trailer to build the new show, Pirate Island. More about that later.

Spring Break came and went and it was that fast! We spent a day with Grandpa Art (Sam’s dad) bowling, dinner out and went and saw Horton Hears a Who – a super cute movie! Karson (my 4 yr. old) bowled a 110. Only 2 of the 5 adults and 7 kids in our group got a higher score! I know we were bumper bowling but holy cow! Must be all that practice on the Wii!

We also went to Middlebury (amish country) and stayed at Das Essenhaus Inn and Suites. My parents got us a suite and our whole family, my sister and her kids and my mom and dad stayed there for two days. It was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time together. We went to some shops and on the last day we went in to Shipshewana and the kids rode the carrousel at the Davis Mercantile Shops. My mom and my sister and I got supplies to try locker hooking. It looks like fun, but I haven’t pulled it out of the bag yet.

I went to a Scrapbooking weekend retreat which was so much fun (with my sister). I didn’t get a ton done but I did get stuff organized and did seven pages. I started Jasmin’s too. I will probably upload those soon, so you can see them.

Because I didn’t pump enough while I was away, I spent all week last week having to feed Jasmin bottles of formula after I nursed her. That made me sad and disappointed with myself, but I am getting over it. My milk supply is almost back to what it was.

Jasmin had real food. She was so ready. She has tried yogurt and rice cereal, mashed potatoes and smashed bananas. She loved it all, but can’t eat much at a time yet. It’s really cute. She gets really excited about eating food.

Tonight I came home earlier than I had planned from work. The weather was awesome, so I decided to bring the kids outside and try to rake up some of the dead stuff in my yard (there is a ton – I have not done this for a couple of years!). Then it was time for dinner and baths and putting the kids to bed. I made Sam run up to Home Depot and get me some yard waste bags. I wanted to get those piles bagged up before it rains in the next couple of days. So he gets home and tells me that my neighbor is out raking in the backyard! She has been known to do this. She wanted the work-out, so she says. I think she was just being kind…she knows I don’t have time to do it. I was so appreciative of her doing that with me. We stayed out and bagged it all up – about 10 bags until it was past dark. I feel so much better having that done. Usually in May, I am feeling really overwhelmed by the mess of weeds – because I never get in there and clean it out before then.

And that’s about it…oh, and I am trying out some new stuff in my classroom. I’ll write more about that at a later time.