coincidence? i think not!

So today, my 5th graders come into class, and James (apparently a big fan of my artwork) asks to see my journal. I do not generally have it out, nor do I show it off. It’s personal, but I haven been known to in the past pull it out and do a quick sketch or something while the kids are working. I don’t seem to have a lot of time for that this year. But he remembers that I carry one with me and asked to see it. I pulled it out of my school bag. I bring it with me everyday. Though, I hardly ever get it out. I took a couple quick seconds to glance through it to see if there would be anything really personal I should keep from his eyes…and decided it would be ok. He looked through it and studied my drawings. He asked me several questions about different drawings I had done. By this time a couple of girls had gathered and were looking over his shoulder and snatched my journal away as soon as he was done. Then another kid said, I remember that drawing you did when your shirt caught on fire. Where is that one? I told him it was in another journal at home. He and the girls begged me to bring it next week…I told them maybe I would. James had really wanted to see some new drawings. He told me to bring my journal back next week because he would like to see what I drew this week. Hmm.
My art goal buddy wrote me an email after about 2 months of silence on both our parts. We both have demanding careers and a whole load of excuses for not doing art as often as we would like to. She asked me how I was doing and reminded me about the draw every day in may challenge that I had said I wanted to do. Dang it…I totally forgot about that! I told her I was glad she wrote today…so I really only have missed one day…and I have to make that up. I really did want to do that challenge, so I started it tonight.

I think it was interesting that both of these things happened today…I really do need to be doing more art. I miss the time to be creative. This month I plan to do one drawing every day and post them on my blog. I may not be able to post them everyday, but I will post every drawing. So check back soon to see what else I find to draw.

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