Close Call

So I decided, on the way home today, as I glanced at my gas gauge that I better get some money so I can put some gas in my car. I had to make our insurance payment anyway, so I headed over to the credit union, praying that I could make it through the line, to Allstate and then to the gas station across the street. I had to wait forever in the line at the C.U. though! So I drew you a picture! You can see how empty my tank was. When I came out of Allstate and went to start up, it didn’t start the first time. I jiggled around in my seat a little (not sure if that really would help or not, but maybe it did!) and it started right up and I cruised across the street and put $50.00 worth in my tank…the sad thing is, it only filled 3/8 of my tank! That stinks!

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