July 4th

Yesterday we slept in and when we got up, we were tossing around the idea of going over to Muskegon for the day to the Muskegon Summer Celebration. We went to that fair last summer with the Octopus Show. Sam’s Aunt and Uncle and cousins work that fair with their food concessions and it’s always fun to see them. So we decided to head over there around noon. Sam has a GPS unit that we tried to use. Only it doesn’t always take you the most convenient route. We ended up putting it away and going our own way. Anyway, we ended up getting over there around 3:30. We stopped up at the fairgrounds to get passes and the campground pass and key from Aunt Suzy so we could go let out Betsy’s dog, Oreo at the campground. We drove over there and did that first and then we went back over to the fairgrounds. The great thing about being carnys is that we can usually get into the fair without having to pay. We actually were at the fair all day and never paid anything! Joyce gave us armbands for the rides and Aunt Suzy hooked us up with food. We really appreciate that…because going to the fair can be so expensive! The kids went on lots of rides. They have a lot of kids rides at that fair and they had such a great time. They were all the same rides as they had last year. Savannah got me to go on the Cliffhanger with her. It was a little faster than I was expecting, and we screamed a lot. I also went on the bumper cars with the kids…I loved that. Later, I took Karson down the big slide…we went so fast. We ended our adventure with a ride on the carousel, it was baby Jasmin’s first carnival ride. She so loved it! It was really cute. We left around 8:00 and decided to go get something to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings near Grand Rapids on the way home. When we got done eating it was just about dark and as we drove home we saw fireworks everywhere from the highway. It was kind of fun looking for them as we were riding in the car. Anyway, we got home about 12:30. It was a late night especially for the kids, but we had a great time.

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