It really doesn’t seem like I got a lot accomplished today.  I wasn’t feeling all that great…kind of feeling down.  I painted for about 5 1/2 hours.  I wish I could’ve painted longer, but it didn’t work out.  Sam worked late tonight, so I came home with the kids who had spent most of the day next door to where I was painting where Kailene watched them.  She did pretty good.  She probably isn’t used to having to deal with a baby, so I think that getting Jasmin to sleep was a big challenge for her.  But other than that things seem to have went ok.  The other kids had a blast with her and her younger brother.

Anyway, I outlined for most of the time, but then started working on the pirate ship right the last hour or so.  Sam requested that I paint in the wood of the ship.  I was fine with not and hadn’t really thought about doing it before he mentioned it…and even though I didn’t really want to try to do it, I do think it helps it look a lot better.  So on the brown part I added some lighter and darker lines…I will have to do a little on the black too I think.  I also painted in some more details…repainted the windows in the back AGAIN…to match the little ones more.  They are not complete yet, though, I have to still paint in the panes of glass.  I added the two lanterns near the front of the ship.  tomorrow I will paint the masts and sails and finish the grass.  The all I will have to do is outline the rest and do the lettering.  It’s not looking real hopeful for getting to camp on Saturday, but we’ll see.  My biggest challenge now is getting someone to look after the kids, because I don’t have Jasmin to watch them the rest of this week, because she is working her other job.  I may still call and see about having her come on Friday for the beginning of the day…she works at 3 I think, but I don’t know if she will want to do that.

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