Family Camp

Every year my friend Cary and I take our kids out to Somerset Beach for our church family camp.  We have been having so much fun!  Each morning we can drop off our kids at 9:30, and we are kid free till noon.  We go to a bible study in the big tent, and our kids get to go to a vacation bible school sort of thing.  They have a blast.  Jasmin goes to nursery and gets to play with all the other babies around here.  After our morning programs we all head back to the camper and eat our lunch.  Cary and I have meals down to a system.  We have a table that you can set up in the camper to eat at, and it’s freestanding, so we’ve been setting that up at meals in the camper and we set out all 7 plates and write names on them and then dish up the food.  Then we pass them out the camper door to the kids and they sit at the picnic table and eat.  After lunch, we take down the table and clean up and everyone gets ready for the beach.  I am usually the last one done…so Cary usually goes on ahead with her 2 kids and Savannah…they all ride their bikes.  I have to feed the baby, feed myself, apply sunscreen to 5 bodies and help with swimsuits.  Gather up all the stuff we need for the beach and then we load up the stroller and walk down to the beach.  Karson likes to ride up on top of the stroller where the handle is.  I did this with max when he was a baby, and even though he is just a little big for it now, he loves it.  Max made a new friend yesterday, so he is good just walking along with his little friend.  We usually are at the beach from about 1:30 till 4.  The kids get really tired out.  And my kids all have sunburns (except the baby) so yesterday they wore their shirts in the water. After the beach we all go back and get ready for dinner.  The kids ride bikes and play while we are getting stuff ready.  After dinner we have evening service and they also have kids programs during that.  Some nights after church we do a campfire…but it’s hard on the kids since they are so tired by then.  Karson usually has a hard time in the evening.  Last night we did do a campfire and Cary and I decided to make up s’more kits.  Every other time we have been to a campfire, it seems like the chocolate disappears so fast and I have no idea how many marshmallows my kids are even eating. This way we could give them each enough to make two s’mores if the wanted, or they could just eat what was in the bag.  It worked out great and no one even asked for more!  Baby Jasmin can now pull herself up to a standing position which she did yesterday several times in the pack-n-play.  We also lost her pacifier sometime on Tuesday, but thankfully a friend who works at the camp had some extras at home and she saved the day!  (Thanks Sara!) I had no idea how attached she was to that thing.  She really needs it to get to sleep.  Last night she slept all night.  So everyone had a good rest last night inspite of the storms that passed through.  Anyway, we are having a great time!  It’s so relaxing here.  Sam has only been out one time to see us, because his mom is sick.  If you know God, we would appreciate your prayers for her.  Thanks.

More later. 🙂

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