Pirate Island update

We are our way to Marquette.  We intended to travel the entire way from Saginaw yesterday, bet we were tired and it’s a lot of traveling with kids…so last night we stopped off in Indian River to a little spot we know.  It’s a really nice campground and since they have free wireless, I thought I might update you on what’s going on.  So I just got done washing up bottles for the baby and getting a new stash of cheerios ready for the diaper bag.  I am sitting here typing on tiny computer…it actually is half the size of a regular one, keyboard included…I’m not a very fast typer on this baby.

We hope to leave soon, this morning.  Shelly and Jasmin have all the kids in a camping cabin, which gave Sam and I some much needed time to ourselves…well we have the baby, but anyway…We just finished a very successful week at the Saginaw County Fair.  It wasn’t a very well attended fair, but our shows were enjoyed by most everyone who came.  We had a lot of great responses, and though we started out a little shaky at the beginning of the week, by the end the shows ran very smoothly.  Shelly does such a great job narrating the story.  The intention is that Sam and I learn it too.  I don’t have a cool pirate costume yet though…and even though I am willing, I never could do as great as she does.  Sam mostly stays behind the scenes and runs the sound, but goes out and talks to the kids in between shows with Shelly.  He’s even had kids ask for their picture with him.

Tear down went pretty quick the other night. Now that we are starting to figure out the tent and how it goes together.  I think it will go a lot faster setting it up than the first time.  It was really crazy, and it was like 1:00 in the morning when we finished packing everything up at the show.  Jasmin was with the kids in the camper sleeping.  Shelly had gone home to stay the night with Penny, or we would have had her help too.  Anyway, we were all ready, but next to us and behind us was the ferris wheel and a car that was being given away from a drawing, which hadn’t been moved yet.  When Sam pulled in of course, there was nothing there and the tongue of the trailer was on  that end and there was really not a lot of room to manuever a car to hook it up to the trailer.  Sam approached twice and then came in a different way that I suggested and with alot of backing up and pulling forward he eventually got lined up with the hitch and we could hook it up and back the trailer out.  It was pretty amazing that we got it out of there, we thought.  So Sam wanted me to take a picture with the camera phone.  So I started climbing up the bleachers…not thinking about how slippery they might be when they are wet with dew…and I fell. Not off completely, just a could of seats, but hurt my leg pretty bad.  It’s ok now though, just bruised…anyway, the picture of it is above, but it doesn’t really tell the story.  Anyway if you want to see the pictures from the Saginaw County Fair, check out the Pirate Island website.

More later!

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