In Marquette

Well we made it up to Marquette…it wasn’t that bad of a trip.  We arrived around 6 on Tuesday I think.  Set up camp…set the show. The fair didn’t start till today.  Our shows went pretty well.  We had a lot of people at our first show, but the other two were not as full.  It was really windy today, and with all the sand, it made everything really dirty.  After we finished the shows and cleaned up and ate our dinner (Croatian chicken from the Croatian chicken guy behind our show) we headed over to our hotel.  We get a hotel room with our contract for the duration of the fair…so we brought the kids swimming.  We don’t sleep here, just shower and hang in the pool during our down time.  It’s nice and the kids are really enjoying the swimming pool.  We were kind of surprised to find that there are no showers at this fair.  (we think maybe it’s a fairly new fairgrounds) So the first couple of days we were here, we had to go to the YMCA to take our showers.  It was great with the kids because they played in the kids gym and got to play in the pool…it even had a waterslide, and they only charged us 10.00 for a family day pass.  We also found a great vacation bible school for the kids at a church just down the road from the fair grounds.  They are doing Group’s Power Lab.  The church is really cool, and the workers are so friendly.  They are having a really great time there, and it gives them something different to do.

So we have three more days here and then on sunday we head to Escanaba.  It’s only an hour away, so it won’t be too bad.  We will be busy though on Monday because our show starts at 1 I think.  It doesn’t really take too long to set up the show…especially with 3 of us.

Sam’s mom is still not doing too well.  My mom got to go and help take care of her this week and I think that was good, Penny was glad she was there. Keep praying.

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