Away Again

Well, I survived conferences last week…actually they weren’t that bad.  It just made the days really long and I had a lot to do.  On Friday I came home earlier than usual (early dismissal) and started to get ready.  I was kind of sad that I didn’t get out to Somerset till 8:00, but it was fine.  Cyndi got me dinner and I warmed it up in the microwave at the fieldhouse.  I mentioned (I think) that I was teaching two workshops on Saturday.  I do that so that I can go to the crop for free.  It’s pretty cool.  Only I wasn’t really prepared before I went, so I spent most of my evening on Friday getting ready for my workshops…cutting cardstock and preparing my sample.  It was fun working on my sample.  I had decided to teach a workshop on a Box Explosion Album.  I found the directions on line after I had seen one on someone’s website a long time ago.  It’s basically an album that folds up into a box. You put a lid on top to hold it together…when you take it off, it opens out (explodes).  It’s really cool.  I will post pictures of it later.

On Saturday afternoon I taught my classes and they both went really well.  The other one I taught was about using pockets in your layouts. After they were over, I went back and slept for a little while and then we went to dinner.  After dinner I started working on scrapbooking.  I am working on Jasmin’s album.  I started it last year at the crop here.  It’s the first album that I ever stuck with a theme.  Actually it’s more of a color scheme/method theme.  When I made the first few pages, I distressed it and made it look old by rubbing brown ink on the edges of the papers and frames and stuff.  It looks really cool and I have used the same color theme throughout the album (so far).  I bought some paper that matched the album, but then found more that were similar colors.  I love how it looks and how it is so unified.  I will post some pics later. I can’t now because I am not at home.  Anyway, the weekend was awesome! I loved hanging out with mom and Cyndi.  It was great to have delicious food prepared for me.  And everyone survived at home.  When I got home yesterday, they were all sleeping!

Today we drove down to Angola to Pokegan State Park.  We are staying at the hotel there.  My mom and dad got us rooms.  (Cyndi is here too).  I don’t really know what our agenda is tomorrow, just laid back I think.  The kids had a great time swimming tonight, and now the older 3 are camping out for the night in grandma and grandpas room.  Jasmin finally fell asleep close to 11!

More later

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