Day 2 at Pokagon…

So last night the kids decided to go swimming.  I went along, but didn’t get my swimsuit on and so I was the official photographer.  Jasmin had a great time in the floaty and Max loved jumping in.  Grandma and Grandpa went swimming too.

This afternoon we headed over to the nature center and because we were the first ones there, the kids got to help fill the birdfeeders and hold the snake! We were going to walk back on the trails but it started to rain just as we were entering the trail, so we decided to ride back with Aunt Cyndi.

After we got back we had lunch.  We put together all our stuff and had a pretty good lunch of PBJs and apples, veggie chips and cheese.  And we didn’t have to go out.  Jasmin got to eat a whole apple for the first time!  She loved it.

After we ate, the kids wanted to go to the craft room and they made some stuff.  Mom and Cyndi stayed with them. I took Jasmin back up to our room.  Too much stuff for a toddler NOT to touch!  Jasmin had her nap before lunch and right now she is laying on the floor crying.  I am not sure she is sleepy enough to go back to sleep, but she is sure not happy.  Stupidly I forgot to bring toys for her.  She isn’t really one to play with toys too much anyway.  But she is obsessed with the hotel phone and keeps shutting her fingers in drawers!  Argh!

Sam is over at Colon this afternoon.  He bought a poster from a guy over there and decided to not pay for shipping and pick it up himself.  There are a couple of magic shops over there and he wanted to talk to the guys that own them or something.  He’ll be back later, hopefully meet us for dinner.

We ate dinner at Las Limas in Angola.  It was ok.  Jasmin was really cranky because she was tired, so I didn’t really get to enjoy my meal.  I had to eat it super fast so I could deal with her.  When we got back to the hotel, the kids went swimming again and they decided to sleep in our room last night, since Alyssa and Andrew were staying in their room. So Grandma and Grandpa had the whole place to themselves.  I wasn’t tired, so I decided to draw them sleeping.  It sure didn’t take them long! They were whipped!

Today, we are heading back home.  I have to pack up our room and get it ready and then before we leave I think we are going to go for a walk on one of the nature trails. It’s really a nice day.  A little windy and chilly, but sunny!  See ya!

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