In the Christmas Mood…

This morning I loved being at church…singing Christmas hymns and just the overall atmosphere with the advent and communion.  I thought to myself, I really love my church this time of year.  It’s so pretty with all the decorations: lighted garland and ribbons around the entire balcony and all the Christmas trees and poinsettias…it’s just so festive.  I really wanted to take a picture with my phone, but decided it probably wasn’t a great idea.  Anyway, while I was listening, I grabbed a pencil and an encouragement card and sketched the…actually I don’t even know…does it have a name? I will just call it the envelope holder…on the back of the pew in front of me.

My kids draw on these all the time.  I have tried to provide pads of paper for them or get them the activity pages that are on the table for kids – to keep them busy during the service…but these are the favorites.  I don’t know why.  They make some pretty cute drawings on them sometimes.  I know, I need to teach them what they are really for, now that they can all write a sentence, maybe they could start encouraging people.  And I am no better, since I did it myself…but I will just say for the record, that this card already had a drawing on the other side that Karson had made before he left for Children’s Church.

We decorated our tree this weekend.  It was me and the kids.  I put it off…for a few days.  Last year, putting the tree up was disasterous…but this year, we actually had a lovely time.  Turned on Pandora and listened to some great Christmas music.  The kids all helped and Jasmin danced around saying “Ho, ho, Santa” in her little baby talk voice…so cute.  I think it turned out great.  We bought new lights, so hopefully this year we won’t be having lights burn out before Christmas as has happened the last two years!  We still have more decorations to get up, but the main stuff is done.  I think we will be able to finish it up tomorrow night.

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