Hey guess what!? I actually did some drawings in a new journal I just started.  But, I don’t really feel like taking time right now to scan them.  It’s almost 3AM.  But I just uploaded our Christmas pics to our computer, so I thought that I would share a few. 🙂

One of our favorite Christmas traditions in our family is our Christmas Eve Jesus’ birthday party.  We go over to Nate and Cyndi’s…grandma and grandpa are with us too…and somehow the pajama elf always shows up there with pjs for all the kids…though we’ve never really seen him. 😉 And we have a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus.  I think we usually read a book, too.  But somehow we didn’t get a chance to do that this year.  But here is a picture of all the kids in their pjs and our Jesus’ birthday cake…with an animated candle thingy that played happy birthday…Sam had picked that up…it was a fun surprise!

The weekend before Christmas, we sent the kids to mom and dad’s so we could get some work done around the house and we wanted to redo/upgrade the playroom for the kids for Christmas.  We worked hard cleaning out a closet in the basement where we store tubs of stuff we have kept over the years.  Many tubs contain seasonal decorations, but there were several tubs of books, cds and maternity clothes that we needed to get rid of.  We also got rid of all Sam’s youth ministry stuff.  Here is a picture of all the bags…which are contractor bags, actually…lined up along the fence awaiting garbage collection day.

So after spending two days hauling garbage out of our house, we made a trip to IKEA and picked out some new things to help with storage and organization of the kids’ toys.  Then I got busy on the design and layout.  Jason came over and helped build a stage and by Christmas Eve night it was ready.  The kids came home on Monday, but we managed to keep them out of the basement the whole week, so it was a total surprise.  Here are some pictures of the room.  I know the paneling is not the most pleasant wall treatment, but we didn’t get the time to paint it…yet.  I’m thinking a light shade of blue would be a nice wall color…in the future, of course.

Here is what you see…

From IKEA: the play carpet, the Trofast storage units the Barnslig curtains, the green net thing hanging on the rod with all the dress up clothes, the very cool collapsible table and wooden stools, the picture frames (with our kids artwork) and magnetic board on the wall.

From Sam’s Club: three awesome and very soft pillows

And I made the letters that spell “PLAY” and the flag thingies and the paper circle curtain out of scrapbook paper.  The lights are old lights from the Christmas tree.  We already had the Trofast units that look like steps…and we love the tall ones combined with those, the whole wall is storage.  I have yet to label the tubs, but I do plan to do that with picture labels and velcro.  We also want to add a Kareoke machine and some better lighting…but we ran out of time and money.  But the kids were so surprised as you can see from Savannah’s face.  We have spent a lot of time down there and it’s great because I’ve been getting a lot of laundry done!  I can actually see the floor in my laundry room now! Awesome!

We’ve had a great break…spent lots of time at home hanging out, playing games, watching movies, building with (and sorting) Legos…we have all loved not being on a schedule.  It is kind of sad that it’s coming to an end.  But the kids are starting to complain of being bored and are fighting and so for that reason, I will be glad to be back to our regular routine…though, I have truly loved  spending time with my kids this Christmas.

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