This post was originally written in my journal on Dec. 30th.

Last night, we took the kids to see the Chipmunk movie, “Squeakuel”.  It was cute.  Jasmin was probably the best she’s ever been for a movie.  I’d say this may have been her 4th or 5th…but some of the earlier movies I wouldn’t even count because I spent most of the movie in the lobby with her because she couldn’t be quiet.

After the movie we went to Bob Evans for dinner.  We ended up having to wait like over 45 minutes for our food.  They took some of the cost of our bill off and we only had to pay $13 something.  Karson was so tired and wouldn’t order, and then fell asleep on the table.  I drew a picture of him on the back of my placemat with a purple crayon.  This drawing is one I drew from that.  I taped it in my journal, but it’s kind of big to scan.  I like how this drawing came out except I messed up the hair, which kind of sucks…but oh well.

Anyway the best thing about today was I took Savannah shopping for some new jeans.  I had to get rid of most of her pants because they are getting to small for her.  We tried on the next size up and they fit great!  We found 2 very cute pairs of jeans at Gap for $13.00 each!  I also dragged her into Gymboree because they had some great sales on some old lines that they may have had like last spring or something…anyway, we found a super cute pair of capris, some sandals, leggings, a swimsuit (for $4.00) and a ballerina skirt for Jazzy.  She just adores that skirt.  Ava brought over a little tutu one day and wore it around and Jasmin was so wanting to wear it too.  And much to her delight, Ava accidentally left it at our house, so Jasmin wore it to bed and most of the following day!  I had to get it for her and it was only like $5.oo!  Savannah also saw some cute charm bracelets at GAP that she mentioned she would like for her birthday.

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