First Day of Summer

Ok…this may be the actual first day of summer…according to the calendar. But I am going to claim tomorrow, June 22 as our first day of Summer. True, my kids actually started their summer vacation on June 3. But I still had to go and clean up my art room today.  Our school didn’t get out until last Tuesday, I worked on records all day on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, spent all my time cleaning up my Kindergarten room.  It was a lot of work.  I had some help from my kids and my sister.  I am very glad it is done.  I just need to clean up my porch now…because that is where I temporarily stacked everything I brought home.  It’s one of my goals.

Speaking of goals…I really want to get organized this summer.  I want to be consistent with making motivating the kids to do their chores.  I found a new idea from Mummy Crafts that we are trying with a little twist.  So tonight we made up our chore sticks.  The kids got busy doing chores.  At first a little reluctantly, but they loved the immediate gratification of being able to turn over their stick when it was completed.  Tomorrow we will implement the mandatory chores.  More on that tomorrow.

I also want to start a schedule with the kids, which includes time for school work, journals, play, snack, exercise, craft time.  It might be a little ambitious…but it’s good to be ambitious, isn’t it.  Better than not caring and wasting all of our 62 days of summer vacation.

So, onto day 1!  Hope it’s a great day!  I have some things to get ready.

Yeah! for Summer vacation! (It’s what I love most about being a teacher.)

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