DAY 2 – NOT an adventure!

Actually today wasn’t that horrible…we had plans, though, and had to change them. Jasmin woke up this morning with a fever, a rash and was cranky and clingy all day. I’m not sure what she has, but now her eyes hurt, her nose and eyes are watering and she is complaining of a tummy ache.
Poor kid.

We were going to go swimming at Archer’s new pool today…but the thunderstorms this morning pretty much nixed that from the plan.  We had a birthday party this afternoon, but I am not going to take Jasmin to a birthday party with a bunch of little kids in her condition.  So we just dropped off the present, delivered a package to the post office for Dad, and I signed up the kids for Kidz Kamp at Trinity Wesleyan Church.

So next week, I get 3 days with just me and Jazzy from 8:45-3:30!!! Awesome.  It’s a great program, too!  The kids went last year and totally loved it. We almost didn’t get them in.  We weren’t going to because it costs 115.00 for our 3 kids, but then decided we could – and they were pretty much full by the time I called, but they put our name on a list, and today I got a call back, saying they could go! Yes! Karson isn’t too excited.  We are pretty much making him go.  But I know he will have a good time.  He just is really uncomfortable in new situations when he is by himself.  The good thing is that Max will be in 2 of his classes with him.

So other than that…we’ve done very little today.  Got in a nap, did a bunch of laundry and right now I should be cooking dinner…but it’s so hot. I really don’t want to!  It hasn’t been much of adventure today at all.  We’ve played a lot of Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie movies today.  The boys are very glad that the recent selection is Toy Story.  But it’s pretty much all that Jasmin wants to do, and I don’t blame her.  I hope she feels better tomorrow.

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