DAY 4: the LEGO party

Yesterday, we spent most of the day preparing for Max’s birthday party.  My main focus in the morning was getting the cake done.  Then we had to

go and run some errands while it cooled. When we got back I started working on frosting the cake.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  The frosting part was a challenge for me, but then I’m no cake decorator and definitely need improvement in spreading frosting.  It took a long time to frost the cake.  But I was glad when I was done, and everyone seemed to love it…even Sam.

The party was fun, but I was glad it was over. ( I didn’t blog yesterday because I was so exhausted – so I am writing two posts tonight).  The boys built some great LEGO containers for the silverware and crayons and filled all the loot bags.  I was grateful for their help with that and they did a good job.  Savannah helped me clean and set stuff up for the party after she got home.

When the guests arrived, we had LEGO coloring sheets for the kids to color, bubbles to blow and a variety of LEGO pieces so they could build something.  They came up with some pretty neat creations.  I tried to do a couple of organized games, but they wanted to play on the trampoline and the girls all had their American Girl dolls…so the games did not go over so well.

It was a great party with a fun theme.  Max had a great 8th birthday and we were so thankful for everyone that could join and celebrate with us.

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