Day 16: Back Home

We drove home from our vacation today.  We had spent the last 4 days in Shipshewana.  Sam and Savannah sold magic at the flea market.  We all stayed at the Farmstead Inn across the street.  We had a great time.  Grandma and Grandpa (my mom and dad) spent the first two days with us.  The kids loved that.  We played in the pool a lot…it was so hot!

The kids loved looking for frogs in the nearby pond and we did walk around in the flea market a little.  It was kind of hard to do that with the kids.  They just don’t enjoy that kind of thing.

We also tried to find a geocache that was nearby…but we never could find it.  Here is Savannah looking for it.  We were kind of sad that we couldn’t find it.  We think maybe it had been removed or something.

On Tuesday, I took the kids down to South Bend to see Grandma and Grandpa.  It was fun to see their house and all the work they have done on it.  It looks really nice.  They have been working so hard.  The boys had fun playing with some new “squirt guns” that they had found at the flea market.

We also took the kids to the park, but it was so hot.  This is really a funny picture.  Max was really, really hot – I think a little overheated.  Jasmin was “starvin, mom” (of course) and Karson was feeling really sick…from the heat and he had been on the merry-go-round.  Not a good combination, because after that we went to Steak and Shake…we were thinking the Shakes sounded fabulous after being out in the hot sun…and he got sick at the restaurant.  I felt so bad for him.  I am glad my dad was there to take him to the bathroom.  (Also, secretly, glad I didn’t have to see that before I ate lunch!)

So anyway…today, we packed up after breakfast and went to the flea market.  Mainly, Savannah had wanted to get her best friend a gift for her birthday (whose party she went to tonight) and I wanted to buy some beads for my bracelet.

Sam got me this bracelet for Christmas.  I told him it would be a good gift that I would really love because he could buy me charms for different occasions to add to it.  So I got the bracelet…and one really awesome bead.  I had no idea they were so expensive, and neither did he.  When we were down in Shipshe at Spring Break, he picked up a couple of beads…but today, I bought some more.  They were very inexpensive, imitation Pandora beads, I know, but I like them just as much.  I found one that was a sign language hand saying “I love  you” and crystal looking one.  It’s really pretty.  I also got a couple of the ones that you clip on, so the beads don’t slide all around.  AND Max wanted to buy me one…he bought the one that says “mom” with his own money!  Cutie.  I love that one a lot.  So when we got home tonight, I had to get all my beads on my bracelet and I drew a picture of them. 🙂

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