CRAZY DAY…not a lot to say

Tonight I gave up the opportunity to watch TV with Sam.  I wanted to do something creative…but, lacking the energy…opted for an hour surfing the internet, looking at cool blogs of people who do creative stuff.  I have a ton of ideas swarming through my head right now.  Chances are I will do nothing about them, because life allows little time for creativity on most days.  This week is pretty laid back, though…until Friday.  So I might get to make something.

Oh, actually today I did make something.  I mentioned we were getting interviewed for the paper.  That went well, I thought.  I seriously thought I was going to go crazy this morning though.  I, of course, being the stellar housewife that I am, waited until 9:30 this morning to start cleaning my house.  The guy from the paper…he was to arrive at noon.  And, of course, I had the two LEAST helpful kids here with me the entire morning.  Actually, I should say that Karson did do about 5 things that I asked him too.  Which was big for him…especially considering that he ended the day with a fever of 102.

I picked fresh flowers from the yard and made a fun & colorful arrangement for the buffet.  At about 10 minutes to 12, I finally felt the house was clean enough for a guest, and got busy with lunch.  I got this fabulous recipe from a friend of ours and (thankfully) had purchased all the ingredients the night before.  It was actually pretty easy to make…and quick.  OK…it would have been quicker had I been able to find my CAN OPENER!…but I improvised and got the beans, corn and oranges out of the cans.   I made a black bean and corn chicken salad which we ate with Tostitos Scoops and pita bread, fruit salad and some yummy raspberry bars…from a box.   It was a nice light lunch…and even the kids liked it.  (OK actually only half of the kids liked it).  And Sam was happy and that made me happy.  So it was a good lunch. I’m probably going to make some more tomorrow…just need some more chicken.  If I do, I’ll post pictures and a recipe.

Then I took a nap (after the guy left) and when I got up, my parents came over  They were back in town to look at a couple more houses.  I fed them leftovers from lunch, which they loved.  Later after Sam came home, I went to look at a house they were looking at for the second time.  It’s really cute, great location, I can really see them in that house.  Of course, i haven’t seen any of the other houses they’ve looked at…so…I don’t know what they will decide and they are kind of in a crunch for time since they have accepted the offer on their home in South Bend.  I am excited, though.  They have never lived close by the entire time we have been married…so I am looking forward to it!  Plus, if they buy the house I saw tonight, the kids could ride the bus to their house, it’s right near their school.  Not that they would do that often, but it would be a cool thing!

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