My Day

Get up, take shower, get kids dressed and ready to go, buy doughnuts at Hinkley’s, visit to school, met new principal, eat my Walnut Fritter, go to fair, open up Pirate Island, see friends, dress people up in costumes and take pictures, consume 1 jumbo lemonade, most of my $3.00 Fiske fries, 3 bites of my kid’s pizza, dress people up in costumes and take pictures again, get sunburned, stand in line for half an hour to find out my son is a hair (literally) to tall for a ride! watch my kids go on the Fire Engine, the Swings, Bumper Boats, the Giant Slide, Motorcycles, Cars, and the FunHouse, sleep for about 10 minutes on the floor of the LQ, dress people up in costumes and take pictures again, see friends, clean up the show, watch my kids ride Bumper Boats, the Freak Out, and watch Jasmin ride motorcyles and cars and the train again, leave the fair, take Jazzy to ColdStone, come home, give Jazzy a bath, soak my feet, put her to bed, do laundry, eat the rest of my pizza sub from Hotline and a glass of ice cold Coke while I watch Law and Order, check Facebook, read my email, do laundry, write this post, go to bed.

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