DECEMBER DAILY….the first snow!

OK…so this year, I am doing a December Daily album.  It’s small…nothing fantastic.  But I am hoping to record our holiday memories from now until the end of the month.  It’s really supposed to be for the 25 days till Christmas, but our Christmas vacation (from school) is always filled with all kinds of fun, so that has to be included too!  I got the idea for the December Daily album from Ali Edward’s site. Her albums are amazing…I have low expectations for myself on this project (maybe, then, I will actually complete it).

Anyway, the other day I compiled a list of ideas or activities to do with the kids each day leading up to Christmas.  I’ve seen all kinds of super cute homemade advent calendars to use with activities like the ones on my list.  Problem is I just don’t have the time (or the $) to make one…so I still just have the list.  And today, well, we didn’t really have a chance to do one anyway with our crazy schedule.

The special thing about today was it was our first snow…ok, maybe we’ve had snowflakes before now, but this snow has stuck and it has been snowing all day.  It’s not even an inch, but the kids are excited and Max made a snowball tonight when we got home from church.

I also made the kids hot chocolate in our Christmas mugs…OK, they aren’t really mugs.  They are like expresso cups or something, but they are perfect for kids and they have little Christmas reindeer and Holiday messages on them.  They loved it!  I made a big pitcher of hot chocolate and I think the boys each had like 5 refills!  Savannah missed out on the fun.  She was with her dad all night at Magic Club.  We missed her!

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