Caricature Artist…I am now.

So this past weekend, Sam and I spent our time at the Amway Grand Plaza at the MAFE (Michigan Association of Festivals and Events) convention promoting our Pirate Island show.  We had a booth where we had a video playing, promotional materials to hand out, etc. to let people know what we do.  We’ve been doing this for four years, so we decided to change it up a little and offer free caricatures done by me.  I did the caricatures of people as pirates, complete with a pirate name! They went over big and we were busy all the time.  We figured out (by the amount of paper I had left) that I had drawn 77 caricatures over the 3 days we were there.  That’s a lot, especially considering that I had never even done this kind of thing before.  We really just decided to do this  a week ago, so I watched some youtube videos and read a book I have, and practiced a lot to prepare.  It turns out my caricatures are a little more detailed than the typical caricature artists, and I am not as fast as them either (I had it down to about 6-8 minutes, though).  But everyone loved them and I truly believe it helped us with what we were there to do.  So, if you get to any of the fairs we go to this summer,  you may just have to come and get your caricature done by me.

We didn’t actually take any pictures, but Sam caught a couple on his phone.  I’ll see if I can get them posted on here later.

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