Getting Ready for Christmas

This is the first year I have put up both my trees and decorated them before Thanksgiving break is over! I’ve been working hard the past two days! The lights always take me forever. Probably because I just hate putting them on. We bought both these trees about 3 years ago. The rainbow tree was prelit. This year when I put it together there were so many lights out, I just decided it was easier to take them all off and add my own lights. So of course, once we got them off, we (me and Jasmin) had to make a trip to the store to get more. We found what we needed at Hobby Lobby.

So I got that one up first and then started working on the big tree that is in the living room. My kids helped some, but not as much as I wish they would. I wish decorating for Christmas was more of a family activity. But I’m pretty much a Lone Ranger when it comes to this job.

My favorite part of decorating the tree is,of course, hanging the ornaments. We have so many fun ones and several have good memories tied to them. I love the homemade ones and some that we picked up to commemorate special events through your lives. But I’m also a big fan of the vintage ornaments and I have so many unique ones that I love.

This one is by far the coolest ornament on our tree. Jasmin picked this one out for her ornament this year.
Our friends Jason and Micki bought this for me for my birthday while they were in Mexico this summer. There’s a little nativity inside and it’s hand painted.
A Santa drawn on an ornament with Sharpies by Max. One year I let the kids paint their own ornaments and they are the best!
Handcrafted by Lucy Sparrow – a felt artist. You can follow her on Instagram- some of the stuff she makes is just incredible!
Definitely one of my favorite ornaments. These vintage spinners are hard to find in working condition. There are no batteries or motor – it simply spins from the heat of the lights.
The first ornament Sam and I ever bought together. – I believe before we were married. Purchased at Kmart in Westbranch while we were up visiting family one Christmas.
Yeah – I’m not a big fan of South Park either. But Max literally was having a fit because he wanted this ornament so bad. I think he was 4 and didn’t even know who Kenny is. But it wasn’t worth the fight and I gave in.
Another hand painted ornament. This one I believe was by Karson. We made these for Christmas gifts with my class the year I taught Kindergarten.
A favorite that Sam and I picked out on our trip to St. Thomas in 2012.

As you can see, I also added tinsel this year. I will probably regret it, but I had to try it just once. Good memories from my childhood.

And this is my Shiny Brite tree. 100 percent filled with authentic vintage (and a few reproduction) Shiny Brites. Also added in the Alpine Village. I love those little houses and they look so cool with the lights shining in them! The tree skirt I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago – it’s perfect for the vintage tree! The rainbow tree is just fun. I used to have a white one for my Shiny Brites, but this one really makes a statement.

I’m sure I will post more of my decor as I get it done. But I feel good that I got this much accomplished today.

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