Making Pizza

As Sam and I were in the car traveling down our road toward our store, I mentioned that this time last year, owning our restaurant wasn’t even anything we were thinking about! And look how far we have come!

In January, things started happening and by June, we opened up a take out restaurant in Horton, MI. I love the vibe so much! There is so much to look at while you are waiting for your pizza!

We have experienced a lot of growing pains with the new place, because owning a restaurant is so much more complicated than having a food truck. It’s been fun to see the people in the community support us! We have regular customers who love our pizza and we love making pizza for them!

Today, Sam had to fill an order for 14 large pizzas for some faithful customers who were having a birthday party for their kid. The pick up time was before we would be open so I went with him to help make the pizzas. It was so much fun working together.

We haven’t had many opportunities to work together in the past 6 months. Since I was going through chemo this summer, I didn’t really work much. I’m just now feeling like I can start working pizza again. I know the food truck very well, but working in the store is a whole other ballgame! There is so much I don’t know about operating procedures, working the oven and making garlic knots & wings. I have a lot to learn, so I will probably work on weekends when it’s slower so I can get trained on all the stuff I don’t know.

I’m so proud of Sam for taking this on and for it being so successful. He works so hard and he really enjoys making pizza. I’m looking forward to working together more and to this next year and all the possibilities!

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