New Years Resolutions

Yeah, I’m not very good at those either. I mean most years I make them, and then despite good intentions I don’t follow through in keeping them – at least, not for long.

Many people choose a word for the year that drives the things they want to improve in their lives. I’m so indecisive that choosing just one word is impossible! So I chose 12, randomly. I mean I looked at a list of 100 words and chose the first 12 that stood out to me.

So I’m going to choose one word to focus on each month and set short term goals. I have recently been working in a new art journal and so this is the page where I wrote down my 12 words.

Yesterday, I wrote out each word and made an envelope to hold them. I plan to randomly pick from the envelope at the end of each month. My word for January is Growth. I came up with 10 things I want to focus on accomplishing this month and created this page.

I still need to think about how I am going to track these goals – and yes I’m a little late being that it’s already January 5. But at least I’m headed in the right direction!

What kind of New Years Resolutions or goals are you setting for yourself this year?

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